The album is out !!

Our first album is out today ! Go check French Metal’s page for a full file dedicated to Abyssal Ascendant !
We would like to thank everybody that had made this possible, and Pete, Vince & Gaëlle from French Metal !

Contest to win a bundle !
And last but not least… Full album streaming



The first extract from our album “Chronicles of the Doomed Worlds – Part I. Enlightenment from Beyond” is out !


Our first album will be out on June, 29th at Dolorem Records !
Recorded and mixed by Sebastien Coget (Dole, France) and masterized by François Michaud at the Wild Horse Studio (Besançon, France), the album will be composed of 9 abyssal tracks inspired by Lovecraft.

The album title is “Chronicles of the Doomed Worlds – Part. I : Enlightenment from Beyond” and the artwork is a piece of art from the italian artist Daniele Lupidi (Dominhate, Defaced Creation…)

Tracklist :

1. Intro : Celephaïs Chant
2. The Nameless Shape
3. Interdimensional Predation II (Feat. Dinny from Morgon)
4. Disrupted Incarnation
5. Teared up in Cosmorphosis
6. The Black Pharaoh
7. The Prowling of Rlim Shaikorth
8. Temple of the Thousand
9. I, Progeny of the Lurker
10. The Gift of Shub-Niggurath

A first glimpse of the album will be given out on May, 16th on the Dolorem Records’ Facebook page ! Stay tuned !



Abyssal Ascendant interviewed in “Everyday is like Sunday”


The Pro zine “Everyday is like Sunday” is out ! Big quality, big content, 104 pages about movies, books, music, all orchestrated by Nasty Samy.
Amongst lots of horrific reviews and articles, you’ll be able to find a big interview, of us, by Samy !! Thanks a lot man !

Order your Every day is like Sunday copy here :



Important news – part II


Following our previous annoucement, we have the pleasure today to welcome Mathieu Martinazzo at the drums. The Abyssal Ascendant adventure will go on with him : album, gigs, everything !! Stay tuned !



Important news – part I


We have some important news today. Raul Fernandez has to leave the band because of professional reasons.

We have been honored to share every moments with him, whether in pain or in satisfaction. With us, he dedicated every hit and all his energy to the Great Old Ones and we are very proud of this. Thank you Raul for giving us hope and allowing us to come all the way to where we are today.

We wish him all the best for the future and good luck in his job, but also to keep having pleasure doing music.



New track released !


We had the honor to be part of the third Mîsos & Ánthrôpos compilation – NVR SRRNDR ! Many thanks to Mîsos & Ánthrôpos, BLT909 and Raul for their work and support ! You can listen to the exclusive track, Armies of the Void, in the music section of the website !


New Reviews !


Several new reviews of our EP are up ! Read them in the press section of the website !


Big news !!


We are extremely happy to announce our our signature with Dolorem Records to release our first album. We want to thank Alex and Jeremie for their interest and their request. We are really honored to set up this collaboration with guys that are out to win !

We also want to officialy announce that we have started the composition of our first album. To be continued…


La Rodia – 17/04/2014 – video by Emmanuel Maire

Webcrafting The End
The Black Pharaoh


Second live report of our gig in Paris (23/03/2014)

Read the second live report of our gig in Paris, by Camille L. here !


First live report of our gig in Paris (23/03/2014)

Read the first live report of our gig in Paris, by Fanny (AKSAYA) here !


A review of the EP on Voices from the Darkside

We would like to thank Anders Peter Jørgensen of Voices from the Darkside for his review of our EP ! Read it here.


The first t-shirts will soon be available !

We will soon receive our very first t-shirts ! They are available in both girly (M,L) and men (S,M,L,XL,XXL) sizes. We will have them for sale at our next gigs, for 10 euros.
Check out the design in our “merch” section and don’t hesitate to contact us if you want us to keep one for you…


A new review of the EP on Metal Temple

Many thanks to Alberto Rada of Metal Temple for this review ! Read it here.


First gigs for 2014 !

We are happy to announce the first two gigs of 2014 : We will be playing at “Le Sovengard” (Mâcon) with Fetal Massacre and Bestial Nihilism, on saturday, march 1st and at “Le Klub” (Paris) with Aksaya, Savage Annihilation and Pestifer on sunday, march 23rd !
See the full list of gigs here.


First review of the EP

Read the first review of Unleashing the Outer Plagues, by Ju of VS-Webzine here.


Abyssal Ascendant interviewed on Heavy Thrash FM

Many thanks to the Heavy Thrash FM team (Julien, Ziltoïd and Cindy) for this interview !
Listen to the complete radio broadcast here.


Tremplins M-Fest : we’re in !

We will be playing at the “Tremplin du M-Fest” in april 2014. 12 bands (amongst more than 80) have been selected to be part of this series of 3 gigs. In the end, 4 bands will be picked by the audience to perform at the M-Fest.
Learn more about the M-Fest here.


Abyssal Ascendant featured in Now it’s dark podcast

Listen to the 42th episode of the Now it’s dark podcast by Nasty Samy here.


Good News Everyone ! We are proud to officially announce that we have found our drummer : RAUL “El Toro” FERNANDEZ – Well, damned ! WE HAVE A DRUMMER – And a frakking great (old) one haha –

You can find his work on his youtube channel


Our 6 tracks maxi in digital release is available in free downloading (6 tracks in wav + pdf booklet) !

If you wish to make a donation, please download it from our Bandcamp.

Download your free copy HERE. (Right click and save as).